August 15


August 15 • POSTPONED!

Gerardo Meza & The Dead of Night will perform on September 19.

Josh Hoyer will perform on September 12.



Emily Bass and
The Near Miracle

August 22 • 5 - 8 PM

Emily Bass and The Near Miracle is a band with heavy gospel and soul influences — but there’s also something more. “I say it’s soulful with a gospel feel, but it’s like being taken to church in a whole different way,” said backup alto singer Erin Miles (a member of The Near Miracle). “They're not religious songs, but they just have that feeling, that fervor in them.”

The electric, semi-nebulous energy can be felt in any of the band’s performances. A recent show at Duffy’s Tavern spanned a wide, emotional spectrum from jubilation to heartbreak. In the original song “Poor Damn Woman,” Bass moved her hands all over the keyboard in her solo, beating out chords and riffs — her body swaying with the mood and feet moving with the beat, becoming a vessel for the song.




August 29 • 5 - 8 PM

We are a proud, local band that fusions sounds of the Andes with acoustic flamenco riffs, rock beats, and the salsa flavor of montunos and timbales.

JaRaNa (HAH-RAH-nah): [noun/verb]

In Peru, when all ages come together socially in a public place to enjoy and celebrate with food, games, music and dancing – that’s jarana! It’s used much like the English “party,” but with richer meaning and more energy.

Jarana is your band for energetic, danceable music blending South American, African, and Mediterranean beats. Shows include Flamenco, Rumba, and Salsa styles with complex rhythms, infectious beats, and exotic melodies. A variety of Andean and South American folk ballads are sung with conviction accompanied on authentic, traditional instruments. The occasional familiar cover gets a Latin makeover that infuses it with new life making it uniquely Jarana.



McGovern String Band

SEPTEMBER 5 • 5 - 8 PM

Acoustic, Americana, and Bluegrass music with Brian McGovern - mandolin, Kelly McGovern - guitar, Daren Blythe - banjo, David Morris -the bass guitar, and Nate Morris - percussion.



A Ferocious Jungle Cat

Josh Hoyer

SEPTEMBER 12 • 5 - 8 PM

A crispy six-piece noise machine from Lincoln, "Sometimes it rumbles in the distance and sometimes it rattles the walls, but it will always be polite."

Members of A Ferocious Jungle Cat include Ian Fleming, Will Harman, Cal Harman, Myles Jasnowski, Mike Masin, and Jack Rodenburg. They play dance-infused funk rock.

Night after night at their live shows, Josh Hoyer & Soul Colossal leave it all on the table, bringing crowds palpably authentic music. This is a real working band; music for the people, by the people. You hear the veracity in Hoyer’s voice. You hear the strife of a guitar amp being pushed to its limits. You hear keyboards hammering notes home while emboldened horns soar over the top of a rhythm section akin to a freight train. The raucous funk and smooth soul emanating from the stage dutifully pays homage to the past soul giants while simultaneously charging forward, piloting themselves into the modern era. This is soul music.

Hoyer formed Josh Hoyer & Soul Colossal in 2012 in famed blues town Lincoln, Nebraska. The award-winning five-piece band includes some of the area's most revered and accomplished musicians. Joining Hoyer (keyboards/vocals) is Blake DeForest (trumpet), Mike Keeling (bass), Benjamin Kushner (guitar), and Larell Ware (drums). Inspired by the sounds of Stax, Motown, Muscle Shoals, New Orleans, Philly and San Francisco, the band continuously crosses musical boundaries both in style and era, and joins forces each show with a common goal - to have the crowd dancing so much they forget even their smallest troubles.



Jack Hotel

Gerardo Meza &
The Dead of Night

SEPTEMBER 19 • 5 - 8 PM

Since their start in 2012, Jack Hotel has proven itself one of the best, and most original, folk/Americana acts in the midwest. A storyteller's sensibility prevails in their songs. Bandleader Günter Voelker writes with a novelist's powers of observation and a poet's ear for language.  Instrumentation meets the same standard. Each addition serves the song, advances the story, or drives home the emotion. Jack Hotel has earned respect on both regional and national stages, performing alongside such acts as Darrell Scott, J.D. McPherson, Cactus Blossoms, Frontier Ruckus, and Charlie Parr.  In 2014 they opened for Willie Nelson and Neil Young at Nebraska's Harvest the Hope concert. Following the success of their first record, Good Sons and Daughters (which landed a #3 spot on Hear Nebraska's Favorite Albums of 2014), Voices from the Moon won an Omaha Entertainment and Arts Awards for Album of the Year. The band also won OEAAs for Best Americana/Folk Band two years in a row.  They are at work on their third record, A Town Called Hesitation, set for release in 2019.

Musician and songwriter Gerardo Meza formed The Dead Of Night as a project to promote his new songs in September of 2017. Since then The Dead of Night has developed into a tight knit group of musicians dedicated to promoting a unique sound in the Lincoln, Nebraska vibrant music scene. Members include Gerardo Meza-lead vocals, acoustic guitar; Patrick Nichols- upright bass; Ben Armstrong- drums & percussion; Mike Elsner-lead guitar; Mackenzie Sanford-musical saw, omniechord; Hanna Bendler-back up vocals; Kim Moser-back up vocals. The Dead of Night continues to play regional shows and plans to record a debut album.